We offer all residents of Boca Raton the opportunity to purchase burial rights and perpetual care for their loved ones.

It is our goal to commemorate lives lived in surroundings of exceptional beauty and tranquility that provide comfort and inspiration to the bereaved and the public as a whole and to offer comprehensive cemetery services to all faiths at a reasonable charge.

Presently the cemetery consists of fifteen acres of developed land, five and a half acres of land for future cemetery expansion, three and a half acres that have been set aside for 27 mausoleum buildings, and expansion area for a total of 32 Buildings of crypts, niches, columbaria, and sarcophagi.

Boca has grown in every direction and now surrounds us at our location on 451 SW 4th Avenue. Like the city itself, the park-like nature of the cemetery offers many residents a place to stop and relax and reflect.

We encourage you to visit a part of Boca Raton’s history. The Boca Raton Cemetery & Mausoleum continues this distinguished memorial tradition as an affordable choice for every family.


Dedicated in 1953, this memorial stands for those who have served in the military forces of our country in all of its wars. We proudly remember and dedicate ourselves to the cause of peace for which they served and sacrificed.